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Q: Does your FDE color match Magpul’s FDE color?
A: No, our FDE is a different shade of FDE. This is because our parts are anodized and not painted. The Magpul FDE will not match our FDE color.

Q: What hand guard will fit my AK?
A: Due to the huge number of differences from one AK to another, it’s difficult to say specifically what hand guards will fit what rifles. Please make sure your barrel diameter is .700” under the hand guard and that the barrel is a straight contour, not stepped or tapered. If you are not sure what you have, please contact us for more information.
AR10/DPMS 308
Q: What free float hand guard will fit my upper?
A: You will first need to determine if you have an ArmaLite or DPMS pattern 308 upper. If you are not sure please contact the manufacturer of the upper and ask what pattern the upper was made to.

Q: Why doesn’t your 308 barrel nut screw onto my 308 upper?
A: Be sure you have the correct hand guard for your upper. Not all 308 AR type rifles are “AR10’s”. If you ordered an ArmaLite AR10 308 hand guard and you have a DPMS pattern upper you will not be able to use the hand guard. Please contact the manufacturer of your upper before purchasing to make sure you get the correct hand guard for it. It will either be an AR10 or DPMS pattern. If it’s a DPMS, ask if it is a high or low height rail.

Q: What height hand guard do I need for my DPMS 308 upper?
A: We recommend contacting the manufacture for that information; if they cannot help you then you will have to figure out what height you have. You will need to get a caliper or precision measuring instrument and measure the rear tab/tang on the back of the upper receiver (above where the charging handle installs). If you get approximately .150” you have a DPMS Low, if you get approximately .210” you have a DPMS High, and if you get approximately .500” you have a Sportical 308 upper and nothing we make will match that receiver rail.

Q: How do I know if I have a standard DPMS LR308 or a DPMS LR308 G2?
A: Please look at the manufacturer markings on your lower receiver. If it just says LR-308 you have a standard LR308, if it says LR-308 G2 you have a G2 version. The Gen-2/G3 AR15 hand guards will not fit on the DPMS G2 308 rifles.

Q: I can’t get my 308 barrel nut to align. What do I do?
A: Please see the barrel nut alignment answer in the AR15 section. The process is the same from AR15 to 308 AR type barrel nuts.

Q: Do I need the MI-308LER long ejection port door rod on my 308 upper?
A: The only upper we guarantee you will need the longer rod for is the Smith and Wesson MP10. If you have an older ArmaLite you will need to contact ArmaLite to clarify if you will need the longer port door rod on your upper or not. If you have questions about your upper please contact the manufacturer of your upper.

Q: I just installed my 308 barrel nut and I can see a thread behind it, is that normal?
A: On some 308 uppers yes it is normal; it is caused by the different manufacturing specifications in the 308 uppers. Most uppers will have the threads flush with the end of the barrel nut; others will have a thread and a half exposed at the rear.
Q: Does your FDE color match Magpul’s FDE color?
A: No, our FDE is a different shade of FDE. This is because our parts are anodized and not painted or made from plastic. The Magpul plastic FDE will not match our FDE color.

Q: Can I get that hand guard/sight/part in olive drab/foliage green?
A: If the green color is not listed in the drop down menu on the website we do not offer it in green. We will not be making any more hand guards or sights in green.

Q: Can I get a hand guard raw, “in-the-white”, or unfinished for my project?
A: No, we only sell finished hand guards that have our logos on them. We do not sell any hand guards raw or in the white. If you see our hand guards for sale raw they are counterfeit hand guards and are not our parts.

Q: I want to paint my hand guard. What paint do you recommend?
A: We do not recommend any custom coating or modifications to the finish of the hand guard, doing so will void the warranty on the part.

Q: You have so many different hand guards, which one is best for my upper?
A: That is something only you can answer. Depending on your needs and application there might be a single hand guard that works best for you, or you could pick from a number of them. We recommend checking with your local gunsmith for assistance on that issue.

Q: My mid-length/rifle length drop in hand guard doesn’t fit my upper.
A: Mid-length and rifle length drop in hand guards are designed to work with triangle hand guard caps. Make sure your mid-length/rifle length upper has a triangle hand guard cap to allow the hand guard to be installed. A carbine uses a round hand guard cap.

Q: It says minor gunsmithing in your instructions, what does that entail?
A: Minor Gunsmithing means you need to have the tools and mechanical ability to safely remove the flash hider, gas block/front sight, and factory barrel nut from the upper. Then install our barrel nut, the appropriate gas block, flash hider, and our hand guard on the upper. If you are not sure or comfortable with the process please take it to a local gunsmith.

Q: Why does your 9” hand guard say mid-length but the 10” says carbine?
A: The 9” hand guard will sit behind the fixed front sight base on a mid-length gas system. The 10” hand guard is basically an extended carbine length and will completely cover the low profile gas block on a carbine gas system.

Q: Why does the 9” G3ML light weight hand guard weigh more than the standard 9” G3M hand guard?
A: The way the lightweight hand guard is configured doesn’t save it any weight until you get to the G3ML10 hand guard. This is just a byproduct of how they are machined.

Q: What’s the torque spec for this _______?
A: The torque spec should be listed on the product card of the item; please refer to the card for more information. If you have questions about the part please contact us at 262-896-6780 or by email.

Q: The torque spec for the barrel nut is listed at # ft/lbs, does that accommodate for the wrench? It that a wet or dry torque? What angle should I keep the wrench at while torqueing?
A: The listed torque spec is to make torqueing the barrel nut as easy as possible, set your torque wrench to the listed spec and torque it. Trying to do conversions on the barrel nut wrench will just make it more difficult for you to install, just torque it up.

Q: What folding front sight do I buy for my upper?
A: If you are installing the sight on a hand guard that is the same height as the receiver go with the MI-LFFR. If you are installing the sight on a gas block that is 1/4” lower than the receiver go with the MI-LFFG. If you have an ArmaLite AR10 with the factory gas block you will need the MI-AR10-LAFFG.

Q: Which of your hand guards work with my piston system?
A: Please consult the manufacturer of your piston for more information on what hand guards will work with their piston system.

Q: Do I need a new gas tube when I switch from a fixed front sight to your low profile gas block?
A: No, the gas tube can be reused when installing a low profile gas block, if you change barrel gas system lengths like from carbine to mid-length you will need a new gas tube.

Q: Does your hand guard come with the barrel nut?
A: If the hand guard uses a proprietary barrel nut we include it with the hand guard. Only the Two Piece Drop In and Two Piece Free Float hand guards do not have a barrel nut with them; they use standard GI barrel nuts.

Q: My one piece free float hand guard didn’t ship with a barrel nut. What do I do?
A: Look at the back of your hand guard above where the clamp screws are. Is it threaded in the back? If so that is the barrel nut. We ship it inside the hand guard to prevent damage. Loosen the clamp screws and pull the barrel nut out.

Q: My barrel nut is stuck in the hand guard, how do I remove it?
A: Sometimes the shipping preservative dries and seizes the nut in the hand guard. If you have removed the clamp screws and removed the torque plate and the barrel nut is still stuck, try screwing the upper receiver into the nut a few turns and use the upper to pull the barrel nut out of the hand guard body.

Q: What hand guard do you recommend for my rifle?
A: It’s really personal preference as to which hand guard will work best for your needs. We have full quad railed G3 T-series, the G3 SS, G3 M-Lok, and G3 KeyMod hand guard options. You just have to decide which one works best for your needs.

Q: What barrel nut wrench do I need for your barrel nut?
A: Our hand guards are shipped with a flat wrench to be used during the install of our barrel nut if the nut is proprietary. Do not use the flat wrench to disassemble the upper as it might damage the wrench. The Drop-In and Two Piece Free Float hand guards do not come with a flat wrench.

Q: What is the difference between SS-series, M-Lok, and KeyMod attachments?
A: The SS series of hand guards can only use our proprietary screw attach rail pieces and accessories. The difference between M-Lok and KeyMod can be shown by a quick Google search on the topic describing the two different systems.

Q: I have your Gen-2 SS/G3 SS hand guard. It looks like it has KeyMod on the bottom.
A: The G2/G3 SS hand guards are not able to use KeyMod accessories on them. The bottom of the hand guard has narrower slots than the sides and the “KeyMod” you are seeing is actually a clearance slot for the QD sling swivel to pass through.

Q: What is the inside diameter of your hand guard?
A: For the one piece free floats, the G3 hand guards have an inside diameter of 1.3”. The SP hand guards have an inside diameter of 1.75”, and the 308 hand guards have an inside diameter of 1.5”. The DPMS G2 308 hand guards have an inside diameter of 1.3”.

Q: Is this little bottle of green stuff in my hand guard a free sample bottle of firearms lube?
A: NO! It is not lubricant, it is a loctite product that is intended to be used on the EXTERIOR of the barrel nut before you slide the hand guard on. Do not use it on screws, scope mounts, or firearms internals as you will be responsible for paying for the disassembly.

Q: I’m afraid to use the green loctite you supply with the hand guard. Isn’t that permanent?
A: No, the green is not permanent when used on the outside of the barrel nut. It is used to create a bed between the barrel nut and the hand guard. To remove the hand guard that was installed with the green loctite, simply remove the clamp screws and slide the hand guard off the barrel nut.

Q: I just got my hand guard. What do I need to install it?
A: You will need a solid bench vise, fixtures to hold the upper receiver and appropriate wrenches to complete the install. We recommend a gunsmith install to prevent damage to the hand guard or your parts. If you are not familiar with the AR upper assembly please take your upper and your hand guard to a gunsmith for assistance.

Q: My upper receiver rail doesn’t perfectly match up with the hand guard rail. What can I do?
A: Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of manufacturing. Most uppers and hand guards will have about a .010” to .030” step up or down where the upper receiver meets the hand guard; this is normal. In some cases the rails will perfectly align. In others the step might be greater. The only thing you can do is try a different upper and see if it meets up with the hand guard rail.

Q: I got the hand guard a while ago, and now the rest of my build parts just showed up. I want to install it, but I lost some screws/parts. What can I do?
A: Replacement parts are available on the website, including screw kits and barrel nuts. If you have questions on what screws will fit your hand guard or what barrel nut you need please give us a call or send us an email and we can help determine what you need to order.

Q: I have your Gen-2 hand guard and love it, can I install a G3 on the Gen-2 barrel nut?
A: Unfortunately no, the G3 hand guards cannot be installed on the Gen-2 barrel nuts. In order to use a G3 hand guard you will have to remove the Gen-2 barrel nut and install the G3 barrel nut.

Q: I just received my hand guard and it has white or red/blue residue on it, what’s that?
A: The residue/marks you are seeing is from the hand guard bouncing in the packaging while in transit, please take the hand guard out of the package and wipe the area with an oily rag and the color will wipe right off.

Q: I can’t get my barrel nut to align. Any advice?
A: First we want to make sure you are using the correct fixtures to support your upper in a vise so you don’t damage the upper. Are you using a clamshell fixture or other quality way to hold the upper receiver without damaging it? If so we removing the barrel nut and cleaning/degreasing the barrel nut threads. Wipe some new grease on the threads and the front of the barrel extension collar where the barrel nut pulls. Install the barrel nut by hand and tighten/loosen it 3-5 times with the barrel nut wrench.
Then loosen the barrel nut, set the torque wrench to 30 ft/lbs, and torque the barrel nut.
If it doesn’t line up loosen it, set the wrench to 40 ft/lbs and torque the barrel nut.
If it doesn’t line up loosen it, set the wrench to 50 ft/lbs and torque the barrel nut.
If it doesn’t line up loosen it, set the wrench to 60 ft/lbs and torque the barrel nut.
If it doesn’t line up loosen it, set the wrench to 70 ft/lbs and torque the barrel nut.
If it doesn’t line up loosen it, set the wrench to 80 ft/lbs and torque the barrel nut.

The tightening and loosening will lap the threads and allow the barrel nut to come around for you. It should line up somewhere in that range with that process. If it still continues to fight you let us know.

Q: I have a Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifle; what hand guards will fit it?
A: The Carbon AR15 uppers have non-standard threads on them and will not work with any of our one-piece free float hand guards, the upper dimensions are also non-standard and will not work with any of our two piece free floats, so you are limited to using our carbine drop in hand guards like the MCTAR-17G2, MI-17M, or MI-17K hand guards.
Complete Firearms
Q: I see you sell firearms on your website; can you make me a special configuration different than what you offer?
A: Sorry but no, we only are producing the firearms as they are shown on our website. We do not do special builds or “one-off’s” of our production firearms.

Q: What is the chamber in my rifle/pistol?
A: The chamber will be marked on the top of the barrel either inside the hand guard or forward of the gas block. We produce rifles with both 223 Wylde and 5.56 chambers, as well as 300 AAC match and 308 Match chambers.

Q: I just purchased a firearm with your hand guard and I didn’t get a barrel nut wrench, can you send me one?
A: If the hand guard was already installed on the upper/firearm you purchased it will not come with a barrel nut wrench. Most companies will void your warranty if you disassemble your upper/firearm so they don’t supply you with a wrench. If you need to remove the hand guard the barrel nut wrenches are available on our website under the Tools tab.

Q: I just bought a firearm/complete upper from you and it has brass on the bolt face and brass deflector, is this a used firearm?
A: We test fire every complete upper and firearm we build, so there will be brass on the bolt face and case deflector of every complete assembly we ship out. This is totally normal and done to ensure it functions for you when you receive it.
KelTec Sub-2000
Q: What red dots will fit the KelTec Sub-2000 mount?
A: Any red dot that uses a T1/H1 Aimpoint base will fit the Sub-2000. Make sure the red dot is a low profile dot as ones with risers built into their bases will not work correctly.

Q: I have the Sub-2000 mount and when I shoot it the point of impact continues to climb as I shoot, how do I prevent this?
A: When you install the M-Lok mount on the KelTec hand guard you will need to clide it all the way forward in the M-Lok slot and tighten the screws to 40 inch/pounds. Failure to do so can result in the mount tipping as the rifle is fired.

Q: I ordered the mount and sight package and I can get the sight to install on the mount, what am I doing wrong?
A: You will need to remove the rail-grabbing base from the red dot before screwing it to the pivot mount. Please take out the 4 screws on the bottom of the red dot and attach it directly to the mount with the 4 provided screws.

Q: When I try to fold the rifle the sight is in the way, how can I move it?
A: The sight is built into a pivoting mount, you will need to gently lift up and push the sight forward to get it to pivot out of the way so you can fold the rifle.
Product Backorder FAQs

Product Backorder FAQs

Backorder Instructions & In-stock Notifications

Can I backorder an “Out of Stock” item?

If an item is listed as “Out of Stock” you may still purchase the product, however, it will temporarily be placed on backorder until the item is back in-stock. To purchase a backordered item, just proceed as you would with a standard online purchase and you'll receive an email with the lead time on all backordered items. Once your backorder is fulfilled, the order will be shipped and you will receive a notification email with tracking information.

After a backorder is placed, please do not call and ask for order status as this just slows down the completion of your order. Due to current extensive lead times, some items cannot be backordered at this time. Some of these items include firearms and complete upper receivers. For these items, we recommend submitting a “back-in-stock request” to be notified when those products become available.

When will my credit card be charged if a backorder is placed?

Once a backorder purchase is placed, our payment processing system will put an authorized hold on the credit card for the amount of the transaction. The credit card is not charged until time of shipment. The authorized hold is valid for 30 days and then it expires. If your backorder is over 30 days, we would contact you for updated payment information at time of shipment.

Can I receive notifications when an item is back in stock?

Yes, with select* products you are able to sign up and receive back-in-stock notifications.

On individual product pages, under the “Add to Cart” button, there is a link to sign up for in-stock notifications. This is a quick and easy process. All we ask for is a valid email address. Once your product is back in-stock, we will send a notification to the email you have provided so that you can place your order!

There is also a checkbox to sign up for our monthly newsletters. Midwest Industries’ newsletters are the best way to stay up-to-date on new product releases, featured videos, special offers, and more!

*Note: Upper receivers and firearms are not available for backorders.

Where can I find additional information on shipping, warranties, and account information?

If you have any additional questions, please visit one of the following links to access our help center pages:

General FAQs
Shipping & Deliveries
Warranties & Returns
Sig 556
Q: Will your Sig 556 Folding Front Sight work with the factory Sig rear sight?
A: No, if you use our Sig 556 Folding Front Sight you will need to use an AR15 rear sight on the receiver to be able to zero the rifle. We recommend the MCTAR-SPLP rear sight.

Q: Why is the Sig 556 Folding Front Sight loose on my rifle?
A: The gas block sizes on the Sig 556 rifles vary in size, some sights will snug up easily and other rifles you will need to torque the clamp screw to 55 inch/pounds to get it to secure.

Q: I didn’t see any Sig 556, 552, 516, 716 hand guards on your website. Do you make them?
A: We do not make any hand guard for the Sig 556, 552, 517, 716 rifles or pistols.
Q: Why can’t I use an XL Tavor hand guard on my 16” barreled rifle?
A: The XL Tavor hand guards will extend past the muzzle of the 16” Tavor and can result in damage to the hand guard or injury to the shooter. We only recommend the XL length hand guard to be installed on the 18” barreled Tavor or California compliant 16” rifles.

Q: What do I do if the flashlight hits the bayonet lug on my 18” Tavor?
A: On some flashlight combinations, you will need to remove the bayonet lug from the barrel so the light will fit. This can be done by driving the pin out and removing the lug, or cutting/grinding the lug so it will clear the flashlight. If you are unsure of the process, please take it to a gunsmith.

Q: Why can’t I get the Tavor hand guard screws to start on my hand guard?
A: You will have to start one side first and then align the other side to get them both aligned before tightening them down. If you tighten one side without first starting the opposite side, it can twist the hand guard on the receiver, making it impossible to start the second screw.

Q: Why doesn’t my Primary Arms package combo flashlight fit your hand guard light clamp?
A: You will need to unscrew the rear cap off the light and slide it in the clamp from the front, then reinstall the rear cap.

Q: I just got my Tavor Light Package. How do I attach the tape switch for the light?
A: We recommend using the Magpul M-Lok take switch holder part# MAG617 if you have an M-Lok hand guard. If you have a KeyMod hand guard we recommend using double stick tape or Velcro to attach the switch to the side of your receiver or hand guard.