Product Backorder FAQs

Product Backorder FAQs

Backorder Instructions & In-stock Notifications

Can I backorder an “Out of Stock” item?

If an item is listed as “Out of Stock” you may still purchase the product, however, it will temporarily be placed on backorder until the item is back in-stock. To purchase a backordered item, just proceed as you would with a standard online purchase and you'll receive an email with the lead time on all backordered items. Once your backorder is fulfilled, the order will be shipped and you will receive a notification email with tracking information.

After a backorder is placed, please do not call and ask for order status as this just slows down the completion of your order. Due to current extensive lead times, some items cannot be backordered at this time. Some of these items include firearms and complete upper receivers. For these items, we recommend submitting a “back-in-stock request” to be notified when those products become available.

When will my credit card be charged if a backorder is placed?

Once a backorder purchase is placed, our payment processing system will put an authorized hold on the credit card for the amount of the transaction. The credit card is not charged until time of shipment. The authorized hold is valid for 30 days and then it expires. If your backorder is over 30 days, we would contact you for updated payment information at time of shipment.

Can I receive notifications when an item is back in stock?

Yes, with select* products you are able to sign up and receive back-in-stock notifications.

On individual product pages, under the “Add to Cart” button, there is a link to sign up for in-stock notifications. This is a quick and easy process. All we ask for is a valid email address. Once your product is back in-stock, we will send a notification to the email you have provided so that you can place your order!

There is also a checkbox to sign up for our monthly newsletters. Midwest Industries’ newsletters are the best way to stay up-to-date on new product releases, featured videos, special offers, and more!

*Note: Upper receivers and firearms are not available for backorders.

Where can I find additional information on shipping, warranties, and account information?

If you have any additional questions, please visit one of the following links to access our help center pages:

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