Molon Labe - January 2020

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting plenty tired of politicians, media personalities, and celebrities telling us what we can or can’t own. Whether it’s a call for firearm bans, laws limiting magazine capacity, or the ongoing push by tech giants to censor firearm-related discussion, calls for constitutional infringement seem to be popping up with increased frequency these days.

If you have been following the news over the past few months, you’re probably aware that the state of the Second Amendment is in dire straits in Virginia these days. A laundry list of bills are on their way to the Virginia state legislature that target firearm owners and set a precedent for future attempts to further desecrate our right to bear arms.

While these proposed bills are extremely disconcerting, a grassroots movement to defend our constitutional liberties has begun to spread across the country from the focal point of Virginia. A number of no-compromise organizations (including Gun Owners of America) have begun to rally the support of local officials and Second Amendment advocates across the country to roll back these regulatory efforts.

Midwest Industries fights to preserve our Second Amendment rights on a daily basis, and now we’re providing you with an opportunity to do the same. For this week only, we’re offering 10% off Midwest Industries products site-wide*. For every product purchased using the MOLONLABE20 coupon code, Midwest Industries will donate an additional 10% of each purchase to Gun Owners of America to help support their efforts to push back against this ongoing legislative infringement.

Let’s work together to support the Second Amendment and defend our right to bear arms!


The Midwest Industries Team

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