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Midwest Industries:

The difference is the design!

For the past fourteen years Midwest Industries has been leading the way in the shooting industry. Midwest has grown into the leading innovator in over twenty rifle platforms, currently holding over 10 patents for our designs with others pending! All of our products focus on providing top notch quality and reliability you expect from products made in the U.S.A. Our parts are always backed by a lifetime warranty and our satisfaction guarantee helps us set the industry standard.

Midwest is continuously raising the bar with new parts for a variety of weapon systems. We have developed a reputation for setting the tone of parts for the AR-15 and the .308 platforms. The industry has seen a shift in shooting a variety of platforms making the revolutionary AK-47/74 products something we are very proud of. With Midwest Industries, we have given you the customer the ability to be ready anytime and anywhere. The last couple of years we have spent fine tuning our handguards and parts answering the industries’ call for parts made for shooters by shooters.

All of our parts are 100% made in the U.S.A. and backed by a lifetime warranty with second to none customer service. Our customer service team prides themselves on working to solve any issues you have and answer any questions you may have regarding our products. Midwest is the only company that has developed step by step install videos for our customers located on our website that gives a break down on the correct tools and proper steps to take to get your build to the next level.

We have been working hard to create a website that would allow us to communicate effectively with our customers, which brings us to the newsletter you are receiving. Our plans for this monthly newsletter is to provide you with a featured article and a product spotlight to keep you informed on our latest and greatest news along with any specials we may be offering!

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Find What's Right for You ➠


AR15 Handguards

Which model is the right one for my application?

With so many different variations of rifle setups, how do you know which handguard is right for your particular build? Making sure that you have the correct information is vital for functionality and confidence when building the perfect rifle. First, you need to decide what length of handguard you want to run on your rifle. Most handguard lengths are dictated by the length of the barrel, the longer the barrel the longer the handguard usually, but the length of handguard is dictated mostly from application. Second you need to decide what kind of modular locking system you would like your gear to attach to. In the Paragraphs below the different Midwest Industries handguards are laid out with some description and detail.

Find What's Right for You ➠

The G3M-G3K Series Handguards are our most popular series of handguards. This series comes in a variety of different lengths to cover different barrel and gas block lengths with focusing particularly on having a completely modular M-LOK or KeyMod handguard system. This series gives you 7 sides of locking interfaces.
The GEN3 SS-Series is made in the same lengths that our G3M series handguards are made, but the SS series uses Midwest Industries proprietary attachment system to run your gear on the handguard. It’s a very slim profile handguard with our new designed torque plate and barrel nut to maximize durability.
T-Series handguards are for the classy throwback shooters who still love the never fail quad rail attachment system. Quad rails are the most common type of handguard used by DOD so we made sure to keep the tradition going. It uses our new torque plate and barrel nut design to hold onto the rifle.
SP-Series handguards have the largest inner diameter of our handguards sitting at 1.75”. Why is this handguard so wide you ask? This handguard is meant to run a suppressor internal of the handguard and can fit most any centerfire can on the market. This allows you to run a shorter barrel and add the handguard over the suppressor to get a different feel and look. This handguard uses an M-LOK attachment system.
Two Piece Drop in is the most standard handguard setup that is out on the market. This handguard retains the Delta ring and allows you to simple pull back on the ring to install the handguard. You can grab three different lengths in this handguard; carbine, mid-length, rifle length.
Two Piece free float handguards are a handguard that use the standard GI barrel nut and comes in variety of lengths. These handguards are popular because they require very little gunsmith work to attach but offer that same slim handguard profile. The two-piece handguard comes in a quad rail and M-LOK version.
G3ML-G3KL series handguards answers the request for a lightweight modular handguard. This handguard specializes in having the same modular system but with a shaved the top pica- tinny portion. Overall the G3ML handguards use 8 sides of attachment slots and cut weight on the rifle. The goal is to beat the old adage “Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain.”
G3LWM-G3LWK is a very similar to the ML series of handguards with one major exception, the 45 degree offset slots are larger cooling slots meant to cut more weight, but still incorporate the M-LOK and KeyMod mounting systems. The top rail is shaved but still allows you to attach a rail at the top of the handguard with a total of 8 sides of modular attaching points.

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